Katherine is establishing herself as an emerging, self-taught abstract artist based in Kent, England.

After 12 successful years in a corporate environment, Katherine found herself wanting to explore a new perspective on life. This decision catapulted her into a world of travel during which time she was encouraged to revisit her latent artistic talents. Her passion for art was recently resurrected in 2017 and with the help and support of friends and family, her journey into the creative world began.

Through experimentation and evolving artistic techniques, she continues to develop her painterly style. Her overall aim is to provoke an emotional experience through her art, which allows the viewer to slow down and reconnect with their innermost feelings.

Katherine draws much of her inspiration from travel and the colours and wonders of the natural world. In particular, the movement of the sea is a constant source of ideas in creating a body of work that takes you into oddly familiar far-off places.

Katherine’s most recent artistic project is to create a series of paintings using a fluid approach to express energy and to reflect the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us all.

Each work is individually created and therefore unique. Although there may be similarities through her collections, no two works are ever the same.

In Katherine’s own words:

“I will always strive to create art that has an unassuming presence yet resonates strongly with the viewer, giving them a clear experience of how I see the world around us.”

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